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Fivos Papadopoulos


Fivos Papadopoulos participated as a pianist chiefly in chamber music concerts.
He started appearing as a conductor since 1990. He was permanent conductor of the Catholic Church’s choir in Patras. He conducted opera and symhonic concerts in Athens as well as in many big Greek cities (Thessaloniki, Volos, Larisa, Ioannina, Patras) and local Festivals.
Since 1994 he is artistic director and conductor of the “Emfasis” chamber orchestra having a traditional and contamporairy repertoire. He conducted many concerts making first performances of young composers’s works.
Since 1996 he is collaborator conductor of the Athens Radio Symhony Orchestra.
He composed works for orchestra, chamber music, solo instruments and choir and he appeared in concerts organized by the “ Greek Union of Composers”. He is also permanent conductor of the contemporary music ensemble “Altera Musica”
He teaches music theory , composition and conducting and he is artistic director of the “Ioannina Municipal Conservatory” and of the “Ioannina Municipal Orchestra”, having regularly concerts with symphonic and choral works.

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