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Nick Nicolas


Music tracks by Nick Nicolas have been licensed around the world. Composing, mixing, producing, original independent instrumental music, many styles: electro, urban funk, dance, psychedelic, rock, blues, dub, funky, trip-hop , pop, guitar, techno, hip hop, alternative.mp3 music preview/downloads/licensing/ T.V /film/net/mood music/production music. Nick Nicolas has licensed music to: "Swift & Shift Couriers" (series 2) 

NETWORK: SBS (Australia) 
ON AIR DATE: TBC (2010) 
episodes & song titles: 
episode 1: Big House. 
episode 6: Big House. 
episode 8: Aggravation Blues. Big House. Head in The Clouds. 
episode 9: Alive and Kickin' (Love Mix). Big House. Happy Daze (nice to be nice). 
episode10: Big House. Don't Panic. Happy Daze (nice to be nice). New Spy. Revolution Children. Delta Air Lines, Inc. - Video Services Dept 978 "2010-147 Sky Team 10 Year" Track Technohead" (U.S.A.) "Partner Summit Futuristic Video" Track: Shine (Singapore) "Mothers Billet Metal Polish" T.V Commercial. Track: Aggravation Blues (60 sec) (U.S.A.) "Nks" Track: Sunset (Sweden) “Doughnut King T.V. commercial” Track: Funky Meltdown (Brisbane, Australia) “World party T.V Show or Program” “Instrumental used in Email” Track: Beg Borrow & Steal Track: All Around The World "Pizza around the world"-SBS (Australia) Track: All Around The World
"vinterfestivalen" (Sweden) Track: Happy Daze (nice to be nice) 
"Department of Homeland Security - iCAV GEOINT Presentation" (U.S.A.) Track: Beg Borrow & Steal (60 sec) "28 slices" sci-fi film Bradford Uni (U.K.) Track: Pandora’s Box.(60sec)
"Grand island high school class of 68 reunion" (U.S.A.) Track: Can You Feel It. (60sec) "Fjellaktiviteter spot" (Kristiansand, Norway) Track: New Soul (60 sec) "Matthews Paint Video1" (U.S.A.) Track: Sunset "Colors In Motion"-This music will be used in an enabling device for the handicapped. (U.S.A.) Track: Beg Borrow & Steal (60 sec) "Meguiar's International" Car club video. (Hong Kong) Track: Happy Daze (nice to be nice) "Godpower tees" (U.S.A.) Track: Beautiful Day "RipNET" (Canada) Track: Stars "Funky House" (internet) (U.S.A.) Track: Funky House (blues guitar Mix) "Production Title: TBC (Internet) 
Description: You Tube?" (London, England) Track: Sunset "Derek's Restaurant Web Video (internet)" Dining Out TV Ep1. (Philadelphia, U.S.A.) Track: Big House (60 sec) "Freewatt" (internet) ( New York,U.S.A) Track: No Satisfaction
"Bump & Grind The Story Of Berlesque." Vintage film productions. (London, England) Track: Revolution Children
"First Air." Schollnick Advertising. Radio Commercial. (LA, U.S.A.) Track: Funky Break St Judes School - "African Promotional Charity DVD" (Australia) Tracks: Coma./New groove (pt1 & 2) "Hennessy Photo" (Internet) soundtrack backgrounds on photography web site (Ontario, Canada) Track: Don't Panic (60 sec) "Theme for flash intro" (internet) Maverick Graphics Inc. (Ontario, Canada) Track: Shine (60 sec) "Visa." (Theater or Live Performance). Digital Masters. In house presentation. (Auckland, Parnell, NZ) Track: New Groove (pt1 & 2) Production Title: "Kelly Van Gogh" (TV & Radio commercial) (TV Commercial, Radio Commercial, Internet, DVD, CD-ROM or Product, Other/Miscellaneous) 
Description: promotion for Kelly Van Gogh products. (N.Y. U.S.A.) Track: Beg Borrow And Steal (60 sec) Track: New Hip Hop (26 sec loop) Use at Festival or Pre-Distribution Screening project. Medium: Student or educational non-commercial project (Brisbane, Australia) Track: All around the world (30sec)
TV Commercial."Confecciones el rubio" (Spain) Track: Happy Daze (nice to be nice) 30sec)
TV Commercial."Confecciones el rubio" (Spain) Track: Happy Daze (nice to be nice) 30sec "Todd White"Internet Advertising or Commercial-Use pr

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