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G. Gordon Nicholson


December 21, 2006, 9:07 pm]

NICHOLSON, Gordon - composer in the spotlights
G. Gordon Nicholson (born 1942), B. Mus. (Berklee College of Music, Boston, M. Mus. (University of Alberta, Canada), and Ph.D. (Saybrook Institute, San Francisco, USA),1998. College music professor 1973-2002–MacEwan College (Edmonton, Canada) in composition, solfege, theory etc., and professional musician, (composer, arranger, performer). Compositions performed on radio, TV in Canada, and numerous concerts in Canada and Europe. Commissioned by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Canadian Music Conference, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the RCMP concert-band, Ottawa (including Expo '86/Vancouver, and Expo '88/Brisbane), the Edmonton Composers' Concert Society; for Edmonton school ensembles, and the Alberta Band Directors (ABA) association including workshops with students (age 14-15) on the creative musical process. Major works include "L.A. Suite" (CBC Jazz Radio Canada for 10 piece jazz group ); "Fox Drove" (for the RCMP band), "Edmonton Suite I" (CBC, recorder quintet and strings): "Edmonton Suite II" (Radio Canada–mixed ens.); "Tricerasuite" (Brass Trio); "Hammersuite" (two pianos and two percussion), "Neuf Miniatures" (saxophone and piano), “Space” (violin, piano, cello, and percussion), “Sonatine Les Fleurs” (solo piano), “Lyal Suite” (solo guitar).

Dr. Nicholson, artist (composer), workshop leader (creativity) and pianist (jazz) is a member of the ECCS (Edmonton Composers Concert Society–Canada), Associate Composer of the Canadian Music Center (CMC), former member of the Canadian League of Composers (CLC). He is married to Elisabeth Rinsoz of Lausanne, Switzerland, and lives in Le Mont Pèlerin, Switzerland where he plays jazz piano, writes, reads philosophy, composes, sketches, and teaches history/musicology at the Glion Institute of Higher Learning. Dr. Nicholson has a portfolio of nearly 200 works for solo, chamber groups, jazz ensembles (large and small) etc.

Compositions published by LANTRO MUSIC

· Four bagatelles – violin, piano

· Miramar – violin, cello, piano

· Three Preludes – piano

G. Gordon Nicholson