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Josh Newton

CountryUnited States of America
Date of birth8 July 1978
OccupationComposer, Musicologist
CategoriesClassical, Contemporary, Neoclassical

Born in Quincy, Mass in 1978, Josh spent most of his formative years in the Mount Washington Valley in Conway, NH skiing and mountain climbing. Filling an opening in the local concert band that he had played in since the age of 11, he took over the directorship of the Mount Washington Valley Band in 1996, a post he would hold for 7 years. He began attending the University of Southern Maine in 1997 as a Music Education Major when he began composing under the influence of Scott Harris and Peter Martin. In 1999, he left school to start a family with his wife Jennifer, working as a programming analyst and composing on the side.

Returning to USM in 2006 to start working towards his advanced degrees, he shifted his focus to composing and musicology, studying linguistics, mythology and analysis of various art forms and their relation to music. He is a published author of several essays on the literature of H. P. Lovecraft, J. R. R. Tolkien and Sylvia Plath, as well as analytical essays on Debussy, Schubert, Dufay and mythological connections throughout modern and classical music. His podcast series “Transfigured Night”, revolving around music since 1900, is currently in production. Episode topics include the music of Schoenberg, Stravinsky, the role of the development of brass and wind instruments, and classical music’s influence on modern rock music.

As a composer, he has a reputation for writing quickly. To his credit, he has an opera, three concerti, two symphonies (one for wind band, and one for orchestra), two sonatas for piano and numerous others for various instruments. His vocal works include a cantata based on the life of Jane Grey and a collection of songs for various voices, as well as a setting of the Kaddish written in memoriam for his mentor, Joe Packales. He is currently studying composing as a Master's student, under Daniel Sonenberg

On top of his busy composing, school and performance schedule, Josh works full time as a computer programmer. He lives with his wife and son near a beautiful stream and a lousy driveway.

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