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Antonio L. Newton

CountryUnited States of America

Antonio Tony Newton Press

Acclaimed in the "New Age Music Guide" as one of the top New Age Music Artists - Composers. His work with Novaphonics is described as, "Music with Vision".......

Antonio Newton
International pianist, composer and multi-instrumentalist of original romantic and evocative piano compositions. Music to inspire young and old alike. Music with a healing and soothing effect as well as lifting and moving….Novaphonic Music

“Antonio L. Newton stands as one of the most progressive, prolific and creatively influential music artists of the contemporary scene, and will go down in history as one of the most vital musical path forgers of our era.” –Randali, Mean Streets Magazine

- "It's about time" - Jack Nietzsche, Academy Award winning composer and record producer.

- "Newton's work is fantastic and the natural progression of contemporary music"
Joachim Khun, award winning European pianist, Hamburg Germany.

- "With a powerful technique and emotional sensitivity, Newton brings a fresh dynamism and color to the piano medium". - Novaphonic Music.

Novaphonia, LP
Newton’s Novaphonia features in¬strumental compositions using Com¬puter-assisted synthesizer and other electronic gear in combination with the Novaphonic Sound of Quintal/Quartal Harmony system based on Newton’s discovery of more than twelve hundred new chords. New¬ton’s powerful music crosses the boundary between electronic and space music; the compositions are by turns majestic. spacious, cinematic and galactic. As he says, New Age music contains a level of artistry and communication that causes one’s mind to explore greater inner poten¬tial freely. A level of enlightenment that carries [from the composer) to the listener is also present, as it is protected from the internal attunement of the artist on higher levels of awareness, which are universal and harmonious to the universe at large… New Age Music Guide

“One of the most revolutionary and enlightening music discoveries of the 20th century…Whole Life Magazine

Immediately upon playing Newton’s NOVAPHONIA LP, I received calls. Dynamic music with a beat that is compatible with adult format…Mark Hill – Program Director KLRS/Santa Cruz, CA

Antonio Newton’s music will outlive many on the market today, as it is timeless..Alan K. Lohr, Third Eye Radio Productions, Hollywood, CA.
Antonio has an incredible variety of styles, ranging from ambient, classical, rock, and jazz. I think his music is innovative and that he is a talented artist and an important contribution to harmonic music theory…Susan Doucet, Only New Age Music, Los Angeles, CA

“A giant step for music”…Gene Page, Grammy Award winning composer, arranger, producer, Hollywood, CA.

Music is the key to universal harmony”…Antonio Newton

“Antonio L. Newton is one of the most progressive, prolific and creatively influential music artists of the contemporary scene, and will go down in history as one of the most vital musical path forgers of our era.” –Randali

Antonio L. Newton, pianist/composer, stands among the most creative and progressive music artists and performers of today. With a powerful technique and emotional sensitivity, he brings a fresh dynamism and color to the piano medium. Along with distinctive compositional and harmonic techniques, Newton creates highly inspirational, musically poignant interpretations and performances. – Novaphonic Music

Profusely creative, high energy, innovative, sensitive and yet dynamic, would be a few terms that could describe the multifaceted musical genius and artistry of this composer, producer and instrumentalist. (Piano, Synthesizer and Electric Bass)
If music was a “box of colored crayons”, Newton has expanded the color palette ten-fold. His rich, expanded sounds, extended chordal developments and harmonics, along with his historic rhythmic vocabulary delivers the listener into a mind opening experience. His concerts feature the “Novaphonic Sound” - Newton’s acclaimed richly resonant system of Quartal and Qu

Antonio L. Newton