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Marco Buongiorno Nardelli

CountryUnited States of America
Date of birth21 November 1964
OccupationComposer, Performer
CategoriesClassical, Contemporary, Electronic, Jazz, World

Marco's broad musical interests span from the baroque repertoire to jazz, contemporary and electronic music. Educated as both a musician and a physicist (PhD, Condensed Matter Theory, 1993), he holds a BM in Music Theory and Composition from the Conservatorio "Luigi Cherubini" in Florence, Italy, studied flute with Oro and Gian-Luca Petrucci in Rome and Brooks deWetter-Smith at UNC-Chapel Hill and sung in the choir of the Accademia Filarmonica Romana for many years. He has studied composition with Riccardo Giagni (Rome), Lyda di Cuffa (Florence), Alan Shockley (RI College) and Allen Anderson (UNC-Chapel Hill). As a performer he has recorded for the Italian National Radio and Television (RAI) and has released various CD's with the world music group Kolaj, the Arabic-jazz-fusion ensemble Jaafar and, most recently with the ELM collective. Among his awards, the composition "Tzolk'in" for three marimbas has received a honorable mention at the Second Annual Louisiana State University Percussion Society's Percussion Ensemble Composition Contest in 2009 and is the winner of the 2010 Volta Trio Composition Competition.
Composer Marco Buongiorno Nardelli is currently professor in the Department of Physics at North Carolina State University, where, among others, he teaches a course on "Music and Science of Sound ".

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