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Marco Marinoni

CategoriesContemporary, Electronic

Born on April 10th, 1974 in Monza (Milan), Marco Marinoni studied composition with Mario Garuti at Conservatory “A. Boito” in Parma. In 2007 he took a full mark cum laude Diploma in Musica Elettronica and in 2009 a Diploma Accademico Sperimentale di Secondo Livello in Live-electronics and sound direction with 110 cum laude under the guidance of Alvise Vidolin at Conservatorio “B. Marcello” in Venice, where he is currently enrolled in the Biennio Sperimentale di Secondo Livello in Composition.

Since 1999, his compositions have been featured at festivals, competitions and workshops (Primo Festival Internazionale della Chitarra N. Paganini - Parma 1999; Riflessi allo Specchio, Compositori a teatro - Mantova 1999; Doppio Gioco Stagione 2000 - Lugano; Musica nei Chiostri - Milan 2001; Valsassina Festival 2001; Festival Synthése 2003 - Bourges; XIV CIM - Colloquium on Musical Informatics - Florence 2003; XII International Review of Composers - Belgrade 2003; International Gaudeamus Music Week 2002; International Gaudeamus Music Week 2003; Atelier SGNM 2000 in Lugano-Bigorio; Comporre il Nuovo, Compositori a Confronto 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 - Reggio Emilia; Laboratori di perfezionamento e Ricerca Musicale - II Edizione in Brallo; Diffusion 2003 - Limerick; 41st Internationale Feienkursen fur Neue Musik - Darmstadt 2002; 3rd International Conference "Understanding and creating music", Caserta 2002; 40° Festival di Nuova Consonanza - Rome 2003), Warsaw Autumn 2004 - 47th International Festival of Contemporary music - Warsaw, X Stage Internazionale del Saxofono - Fermo 2004, International Gaudeamus Interpreter Competition 2005 - Amsterdam, Electrofringe 05New Media Arts Festival - Newcastle NSW 2005, Imagine 2 Electroacoustic Music Festival - Memphis 2005, New Works for Sound and Video - University of Wisconsin - Whitewater USA 2006, Traiettorie 07 - Parma 2007, Paganiniana 2007 - Genova, La Biennale di Venezia - 52.Festival Internazionale di Musica Contemporanea, EMUFEST 2008 - International Electroacoustic MUsic FESTival - S.Cecilia - Rome 2008, EMUFEST 2009 - International Electroacoustic MUsic FESTival - S.Cecilia - Rome 2009, being broadcast by 33 radios in 22 counties and published by MNEMOSYNE Musique Média - Bourges (Cultures Electroniques n°16), Auditorium Edizioni - Milano (Punti di Ascolto 2005) and Aliamusica - Parma.

His scores are published by ARSPUBLICA and TAUKAY EDIZIONI MUSICALI.

He is member of SIMC – Società Italiana Musica Contemporanea.

Marco Marinoni presently lives in Finale Ligure (Savona - ITALY).

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