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Shmuel Malkin


Shmuel Malkin (born 1934 in Tel-Aviv) began his musical studies at age 7 playing the recorder and the violin. Later on he studied composition and piano playing with Paul Ben-Haim in private lessons. At the same time he loved also to perform experiments in chemistry at home. Torn between two loves, music and science, he decided finally to dedicate his professional life to science and studied chemistry at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, where he graduated with a Ph.D degree in 1963.

After a 2 years period of a post-doctoral work abroad, doing a research in photosynthesis, he returned to become a permanent member of the Weizmann Institute research staff and later got a Professorship. Among his scientific achievement is the probing of photosynthesis by the photoacoustic method, in which sound waves are generated from a sample irradiated by pulsed or modulated light. This he used to probe the interaction of the two photosystems of photosynthesis and to follow the performance of photosynthesis in plants at different environmental conditions. In parallel to his scientific activities he was still active in writing music, but only after his retirement (2003) he decided to do it on a professional basis.

Since then he wrote about 20 compositions to various esembles, notably piano solo, trio for flute viola and harp, trio for clarinet viola and piano, windwood quintet and piano, saxophone quartet, vocal ensembles, songs and others.

Shmuel Malkin is a member of the Israel composers league

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