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Andrea Pensado

CountryUnited States of America

Andrea Pensado has been composing with electroacoustic medias and performing using live interactive musical systems. She started studying music formally at the University of La Plata, Argentina and continued at the Krakow Academy of Music in Poland, studying composition with Boguslaw Schaeffer and Barbara Buczek, and computer music with Marek Choloniewski. She graduated with honors in 1995. While in Europe, her music was played in Poland, Holland, Austria and Germany. Gradually, she began to use new technologies in her work, mainly by including live electronics in her acoustic pieces. In Poland, Pensado began collaborating with Greg Kowalski. They moved to Buenos Aires in 1997. The advent of real-time manipulation software provided the ideal means to pursue their interest in sound-image interaction. They crystallized their common interest in mixed media and interactivity by creating Qfwfq Duo. Since 2002, Pensado lives in USA and for the last two years began soloing and collaborating with other musicians mainly in the East Coast.

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