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Ayelet Rose Gottlieb

OccupationArranger, Composer, Lyricist, Performer, Singer, Teacher
CategoriesContemporary, Jazz, Klezmer, Neoclassical, World, Experimental Music, Vocal

"Her voice and compositions are transformative” said the Rolling Stone, “She most impresses with her ability to convey a line with devotion and phrasing that powerfully straddles Jazz, Cantorial and the avant-garde” said All About Jazz, “The stunning Gottlieb possesses a powerful voice, using it with authority” said JazzTimes Magazine, “a commanding vocalist” hailed the NY Times.

Ayelet Rose Gottlieb is an international performer, an explorer of sound and seeker of musical adventures. Her unique blend of jazz, middle-eastern & jewish music, combined with her innovative approach to composition and improvisation, has led her to collaborate with some of the leading musicians of our time, including John Zorn, Bobby McFerrin, ETHEL, Anat Fort and Joe Lovano. She has released three critically acclaimed CDs featuring her original compositions, and has performed at Carnegie Hall, Montreal Jazz Festival, The Guggenheim Museum, Novara Jazz Festival and more.

In her latest project, “Shiv’a”, Ayelet takes another leap as a composer, as she presents a set of music composed for an instrumental ensemble. She joins as a vocalist only to perform the final movement, “Epilogue: Mahsan Yashan (An Old Shed)”

“Shiv’a” contemplates the “voice of thin silence” that follows the death of a loved one. Reflecting on Jewish and Buddhist rituals of mourning, it is scored for string quartet, percussion, and a Blanket with 49 Bells (a sound-sculpture that adds a special visual element to Shiv’a performances, made specifically for this project by installation artist Michelle Jaffe).

A stellar ensemble performs Shiv’a: ETHEL - one of the most in-demand string quartets performing contemporary music, and Satoshi Takeishi - a master percussionist who has collaborated with artists such as Eliane Elias, Randy Brecker, Anthony Braxton and Rabih Abu Khalil to name a few. While some of the movements are traditionally scored, others engage these incredible musicians in improvisation, graphic scores and extended techniques.
"Betzidei Drachim" (On the Roadside) - Ayelet draws on the words of Israeli and Palestinian poets such as Agi Mishol, Shimon Adaff, Mahmud Darwish, Yehuda Amichai, Naomi Shihab Nye and more. This project is supported by Israel’s Ministry of Culture and has been performed at the Tel Aviv Jazz Festival, and "International Exposure for Jazz and World Music" events. This project is performed with a full band or as a duo performance with ECM recording artist, pianist Anat Fort. Ayelet recently recorded this project, anticipated for release in early 2013.
"Pangaea"- Ayelet's ongoing international project. "as a child I collected dolls from different countries. Now I collect poetry, thoughts and songs by people of different cultures and countries in which I've lived or visited. I've named this collection "Pangaea"- the name of the continents connected, before they split into the fragments we live on today" explains Gottlieb.
“Mycale” - John Zorn's NY based international a-cappella quartet: Basya Schechter (Brooklyn), Ayelet Rose Gottlieb (Israel), Sofia Rei (Argentina), Malika Zarra (Morocco). Mycale was commissioned by composer John Zorn to arrange, perform and record select compositions from his Book of Angels: Masada Book II. Their first CD was released in early 2010. Currently they are touring internationally and working towards recording their second CD.
"Wappen Field" - Installation artist Michelle Jaffe has commissioned Ayelet to compose music for seven vocalists. The voices are "choreographed" within Michelle's installation, consisting of 12 metal helmets, each hiding a speaker. Ayelet has composed, produced and performs in all of the music in this installation. "Wappen Field" was recently shown at the Urban Institute of Contemporary Art in Michigan and will be presented at Rutgers University in 2013.

Ayelet Rose Gottlieb