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Luis Ernesto Gómez


Composer and Venezuelan writer. Licensed in Music Mention Composition of the “Musical Studies University Institute” (2006), actually is called “Arts University”, and Licensed in Computation from Carabobo’s university (1999).
He studied composition with the guide of Federico Ruiz and electronic music with Ricardo Teruel and nowadays he is a Student of the Musical Magister Mention Composition of the Simón Bolívar University, with the guide of Diana Arismendi and electronic music with Adina Izarra.
Like wise he has realized studies of composition in the “Latin-American professorship of Composition” under the direction of Blas Atehortúa 2003-2005 and the Workshop of Composition "A Tempo 2002 ". Also he has received classes of composition of the teachers Marlos Nobre (Brazil), Mauricio Sotelo, Jesus Rueda (Spain), Salvatore Sciarrino (Italy) and Roberto Sierra (Puerto Rico). His musical works have been directed by Alfredo Rugeles, Antonio Delgado and César Iván Lara and interpreted by Falcon Symphonic Orchestra, Lara Symphonic Orchestra, Friedman Quartet, Innocent Carreño Quartet, Percusionists of the Simón Bolívar Venezuelan Youth Symphonic Orchestra, Ayacucho’s Great Marshall Orchestra, Philharmonic Orchestra of Venezuela, Ensamble Opera Nova (Zurich - Switzerland). His symphonic work "Dialectics of the Uncertain" made to deserving of the “Municipal Prize of Music 2003” in his Symphonic Brief Work mention, as well as his “String Quartet no. 2”, who were rewarded in turn in the “II Lounge of Young Composers 2005”.

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