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Andrew Franck

CountryUnited States of America
CategoriesElectronic, Minimalist, Soundtrack/Film Music

Andrew Franck (born Andreas Franck in the United States) is a composer, artist, philosopher and author. Franck began his performance career in the mid 1970s in New York City and Stuttgart, Germany. He currently lives and works in upstate New York.

Music studies with Manfred D'Elia, Gates Wray, Elias Tanenbaum and Philip Corner. Philosophy studies with Reiner Schurmann, Veronique Foti, Quentin Lauer, Ronald Brady and Manfred Riedel. Appeared in collaboration or corroboration with: New Music/New Dance, Caroline Bilderback, Philip Corner, Daniel Goode, John Cage, Merce Cunningham, David Tudor, Alison Knowles, David Van Tieghem, Larry Simon, Ted Orr, Charlotte Moorman and Alfred Tomatis.

As a composer and sound designer, Franck has written over two hundred works for chamber ensembles, film, dance and electronics. Recordings include "One Breath Bardo", "Dances and Emanations", “Music from Our Lady of Perpetual Motion”, "Maps for Dreaming," "Surfacing," “By Chance And Appointment,” "A Body of Drops and Winds" and "In This Air Our Bodies Do Not Fall." His soundtracks are featured in works for dance, film and performance art along with sound effects contributions lent to several avant-pop groups and ambient environments. His "Variations On A Theme By Conlon Nancarrow" was featured in Les Ballet Trockadero de Monte Carlo’s production of Cross Currents. His current recording, "Aria", features the French singer Cecile Allemand along with computer generated accompaniment.

Franck is the author of numerous works including "The Transparent Bride", "Mantras and Musical Solutions". "Excoriated Light and The Holy Bodies Circuit", "Circulation As Imagination", "The Alchemical Circus", "Dreaming The Luminous Frontier", "A Book of Dances", "The Painted Trout" and "Butohmania".

His current sound and visual montage performances employ projections of alchemical emblemata, recorded voices, live music and narration.

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