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António de Sousa Dias

OccupationComposer, Musicologist, Teacher
CategoriesClassical, Contemporary, Soundtrack/Film Music

Composer and researcher, Antonio de Sousa Dias holds a Ph.D. in Musicology (Paris 8) and the Superior Composition Degree (Conservatório Nacional de Lisboa), dividing his work between the creation, research and teaching. Deputy director of Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa (from 1995 to 2001) he taught there Composition and Electroacoustics (since 1987).
Collaborates since 1986 with the group ColecViva and since 1992 with the Grupo Música Nova. Currently participates with the group Les Phonogénistes in the projects Vertiges de l'espace (first performance Montreuil, 2009) as sound projection designer and performer and Vertiges de l'image (first performance: Concert Performances audio/vidéo, Journées d’informatique Musicale, Rennes, 2010) as visual artist and performer.
The desire to explore new territories lead him to the fields of multimedia and installation art, where digital instruments that he designed or transcribed found their applications in his work as artist and researcher: Monthey'04, Natureza Morta (with Susana de Sousa Dias) and the series Tonnetz are some of the artistic results in progress.

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