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Sarah Cooper


Sarah Cooper has been writing, performing and producing since her early teens. The variety of songs she writes reflects her own wide ranging musical tastes and her lyrics voice a love of literature.

She studied piano, voice and flute classically and pursued a traditional musical training at Durham University, but her heart has, and always will be in modern music.

After several years' fronting bands as leadsinger and keyboardist, as well as widespread female duo work, Sarah is now developing a keyboard-based duo with fellow musician, Aidan Collins.

"So far, I've been lucky enough to have had many of my life-long ambitions realised with numerous studio recordings; performance locally, nationally and abroad and even producing a music video. I would love to release an album... My many charity appearances and close work with young children confirm my belief that I am destined to make my mark with my own songs in support of the good causes I have been privileged to perform for.

When you walk your destined path, there really is a magic in the air... Some doors may close, but almost immediately, others will open. I'm the eternal optimist - always Chasing Rainbows and ready for any opportunity, whatever and whenever it arises."

Sarah enjoys an extensive back catalogue of songs including "My Child" :

"...The origins of this song lie in the spiritual and a sense of the miraculous is always with me when I recall how it came to be written:

One day, whilst on the way to a gig (a wedding reception) my musical partner told me about a favourite poem of hers, Footprints, as a way of explaining her faith in a loving God. Although not remembering the words as such, she recounted the underlying theme of unconditional love. I'd never read the poem but her words touched me deeply...That night in a dream, the first verse came, as if dictated to me, and I called this song "My Child." The remaining verses were written as a pledge of love and support for my daughter, that whatever the problems, I promise to be with her now and forever.

Six months' later, I was at a singing lesson - the venue, a church hall. There on the wall was a poster of "Footprints." I began to read the opening lines in astonishment and with goosepimples!

"One night a man had a dream..."
(Had not my song's first few lines come to me in a dream?)

The poem concluded

"The LORD replied, My precious precious child..."

At no time had the word 'child' been mentioned and it was at this moment that I knew I had not written this song alone.

When performed, it never fails to move people, even to tears, for are we all not children?"

My child, don't be so blue
Know that, feel that
My love's with you...
When you want to run
Then run to me.
If things get too much,
I'll carry you - trust me.

My child, now I know
That this is true.
For wherever you go,
My heart's with you -
Do you know I'll always be with you?
Holding you in my arms.
Should you look to hide,
I'll shelter you, safely from harm.

I'm here to love and protect you...
And I will never desert you, won't let anyone hurt you,
No! No, no! My child.

My child, don't you ever feel alone
For wherever I am - this is still your home.
I promise you this, I'll be your friend, your guide...
For ever and ever, I'll stay with you,
Forever by your side... Mmm, mmm, my child.

Sarah Cooper