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Shai Cohen


Born in Haifa (1968) working as a teacher, composer and jazz performer. Shai composes symphonic music, chamber music, electronic music, and music for solo instruments. He is an active member at the ICL (Israel Composers League) and in ACUM (Authors, Composers & Publishers Association). He is a lecturer at the Department of Music in Bar-Ilan University since 2003.

Shai Cohen won the 2010 ACUM Prize for his work "Echoes of Eternity" -Fantasia for violin solo and orchestra.

In 1992 he began to study jazz performance and composition at the Rubin Academy for Music and Dance, Jerusalem. Among his teachers were Slava Ganelin, Boris Gammer and Ari Ben Shabetai. In 2003 he graduated with an M.A in composition, and in 2007 he recieved his P.H.D in composition at Bar-Ilan University, Israel, studying with Professor Gideon Lewensohn and Professor Betty Olivero.

Among the performers of his music are distinguished musicians and ensembles like SNU Symphony Orchestra (Korea), the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble (Moscow), Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music (Japan), ensemble Kaprizma (Israel), Israel Contemporary Players, the Arab & Jewish ensembles of the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, The Israel Kibbutz Orchestra, Israel Sinfonietta orchestra of Beer-Sheva, Anton Dressler (Italy), Sergey Ostrovsky (USA), Arkady Shilkloper (Germany/Russia), Uri Brener (Israel) and others.

Since 2003 Shai has joined Uri Brener in leading a series of concerts at Bar-Ilan University under the name "Fujazz," performing with some renown musicians and artists such as Arkady Shilkloper, Anton Dressler, Shlomo Deshet, Sergei Ostrovsky, Arkady Gottesman and many others. Shai is a member of the "Tabula Rasa" ensemble performing with a great success around the country including some prestigious Israeli concert halls such as Confederation House in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

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