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Ralf Cassidy Bindels

CategoriesSoundtrack/Film Music

Ralf Cassidy Bindels has been actively involved in the music and recording industries for more than fifteen years, among many other projects remixing the music of Moby and Depeche Mode, working as part of a production team that included Carlos Peron of Yello, and receiving a German Film Award for one of his soundtracks.
When the German-born Canadian came to Canada Ralf Cassidy Bindels was drawn to the small town lifestyle in New Brunswick; finding it stimulated him musically - and also that clients and collaborators seek him out regardless of where they are located.
Soon after his arrival he made a name for himself as an innovative and first-class composer and his music has been featured in cinemas across Canada, on television, at film festivals and on the internet in online games.
"Composing music for film is an enormously difficult discipline - Ralf has a gift not only for composition but an innate understanding of how music enhances a story, not just complements it. That, and he's terrific to work with." Doug Sutherland, Film Director

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