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Silvio Palmieri


Silvio Palmieri received his musical studies at the Conservatoire de musique du Québec in Montréal where he studied composition and analyses with Gilles Tremblay; counterpoint and orchestration with Clermont Pépin, electroacoustic with Micheline Coulombe-Saint-Marcoux and Yves Daoust, choral conducting with Marcel Laurencelle and voice with Jeanine Lachance. He took part in, among others, ARRAYMUSIC of Toronto’s Composer’s Workshop and the Ensemble contemporain de Montréal’s Ateliers-concert.
His works have been performed primarily by the Ensemble Contemporain de Montréal with conductor Véronique Lacroix;Molinari string quartet, Les événements du neuf conducted by Lorraine Vaillancourt; the SMCQ Ensemble; ARRAYMUSIC of Toronto; the Ondes Martenot Ensemble of Montréal; , the soprano Natalie Choquette, the Claudel Quartet, pianists,Louise Bessette and Marc Courroux, trombonist Alain Trudel, the Alizée flute ensemble, Molinari Quartet, soprano Chantal Lambert, Michèle Losier and the pianist Angela Tosheva in Montréal, Toronto, Paris, Rome and Milan.
His repertoire includes a piano concerto,a ballet Versetti, the opera Elia (ECM commission and L'Atelier de l'Opéra de Montréal); Versetto pour the Ensemble baroque de Montréal; two important cycles, the first, Duchamp unfinished, and the second, Pasolini. He has written many preludes for piano including Prélude V Mistero, Prélude VI Alba, Prélude X-paraphrase pasoliniene; Poesiole Notturne I-II-III for soprano and chamber orchestra (Radio-Canada commission) based on three sonnets by Pier Paolo Pasolini: these works are part of an important cycle devoted to the poetic and multi-formal world of the great Italian poet-play write and film maker Pasolini; Symphonie portuaire 1999 (Radio-Canada commission) for boat horns, train whistles, and the Montréal Notre-Dame Basilica’s chuch bells. Florilège for flute octet (Ensemble Alizée commission). He has also composed the soundtrack for Anémic-Cinéma by Marcel Duchamp; and electroacoustic works such as Dada Musik (a large electroacoustic fresco for the CBC radio show Le Navire Night and Liberté en Cage for the ECM’s event Cage en Liberté which won the Prix Opus for the musical event of the year.

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