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Yura Železník - rock violinist

OccupationArranger, Composer, Performer
CategoriesClassical, Rock, Soundtrack/Film Music

Violinist composer arranger.
(Born 21st of June 1972) in Vilnius Lithuania.
Lives in Israel and Russia.


Yura Železnik was born to Zlata and Liova Železnik. He grew up in Vilnius Lithuania.At age 9 his parents decided to send him to study violin at a musical school in Lithuania.He began studying the violin with Paulauskeneand two years later with proffesor Shevelov.At the age of 14 with Bronfman the father of world famous piano playerYefim Bronfman.He played at youth contest for violin players for 4 years,receiving sholarship money and prises.
When he was 16 he bought an organ with personal savings funds to create music.It was he's first step as a Composer


Violinist, Composer, Arranger, keyboard player,guitarist, bass, player, scripts director.Born in Vilnius Lithuania 1972,
pupil of Paulauskene and later Proffesor Shevelov.Won several times scholarship at the youth competition among
violin players.Later became a keyboard player and a singer, wrote more then 60 songs, performing clubs,pubs, festivals
with a band -- made some recordings for other musician's albums.Moved to London UK form a band as a violin
player and a singer, also a composer,for a year and half performed in clubs, pubs, warming other big bands and recording.Then joined for some famous English musicians for charity concerts.Tour from cost to costin the USA and Canada and some EU countries,with a folk band, after joined to some productions in France,Composed more then 80 advertisements on Hungarian radio. Made some projects for Midem festival in Canneswith Hungarian female singer. Had music events together with Richard Cleiderman, Pavaroty, Stephan Grappely, Fets Domino, Dave Davies & others.
Other compositions: 15 -- pieces for keyboard in Romantic style,
15 pieces in Jazz & Fusion,some classical music and music for children theater play.

Personal life:

Yura Železnik is married to Liudmila Železnik.
They married in Moscow 2008.
They have a son Ilya Železnik (born on 11 june 2009) in Israel.

Albums: 'Tornado"

Singing :

As a singer-wrote more than 60 songs.And about 30 songs to other artists. Also singing his songs-and covers. In clubs, pubs...with a band Eugine Sokolot in England. Also with other projects in USA and Europe.


He is classical violinist that listend a lot to rock,jazz,dance... The sound of his violin is unic. He is not using effects.
Largely -- self taught. Different technique, Energetic show on stage..

Radio commercials:

He produced about 80 commercials on Hungarian radio "Danubius". And some to Israeli radio.

Charity work:

Joined for some famous English musicians for charity concerts.
Played for sick people and elderly in Hospitals.


Official site: :

Yura Železník - rock violinist