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Brandon Vaccaro

CountryUnited States of America

Brandon Vaccaro is a composer, performer, and producer based in Denver, Colorado.

As a composer, Brandon has received commendations, awards, and commissions from The Playground, ASCAP/SCI, the Iowa State University Carillon Festival, The New York Youth Symphony’s First Music program, the University of Denver, and the University of Colorado. His works have been performed by the the Tosca String Quartet, the Vinca Quartet, the Lamont Symphony Orchestra under Lawrence Golan, carilloneur Todd Fair, vocalist Derrick Ballard, guitarist Jonathan Leathwood, and pianist María Fernanda Nieto-Pulido.

As a performer, Brandon has been active in chamber and popular venues and as an improviser in both solo and ensemble settings. Brandon was guitarist of the innovative bands Kallisti and Coefficient of Friction. He has also collaborated with S. Lyn Goeringer, The Playground, Conrad Kehn (as MacroCephalic Cabal), Jesse Woods (as Ground), and Scott Schulz (as Shutter Trio) as well as guest performances with Tatsuya Nakatani and the Mystery Children. His group Free Love Ensemble was praised for its blend of “cutting-edge jazz with rock influences and motifs inspired by twentieth-century classical music” (Westword).

From 2007 to 2008, Brandon curated a series for experimental music, sound installations, and audio/visual works titled Sound.scapes Presented by Mystery Cabal.

Brandon holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in composition from the University of Colorado-Boulder and Master of Music and Bachelor of Music degrees from the University of Denver. He has studied composition with Daniel Kellogg, Carter Pann, and Michael Theodore at the University of Colorado and Malcolm Lynn Baker, Dave Hanson, William Hill, Donald Keats, and Chris Malloy at the University of Denver. His principal guitar teachers were Masakazu Ito and David DiMichaelis.

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