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Bor Turel

CategoriesElectroacoustic Music

Lands of Lost Sounds
The Eye says I. The Ear remains silent and listens.
“The New Man will be Listening Man–
or will never be at all.”
(Joachim-Ernst Berendt)

The world that sounds
Lands of Lost Sounds are places of existence of the forgotten and lost sounds in a world that sounds and exists as a sound. They are sound landscapes in the world of nature, in acoustic and acousmatic spaces on the levels of cultural, artistic act and creative gesture. In the natural world these sounds are hidden in the caves under the earth, in hardly perceived movements on the surface and currents of the atmosphere. In the urban world they are veiled with brutal agression of noise and hypertrophy of misunderstandings of languages. In the acoustic world they are like oscillations of air or matter and an impulse to the sound and tone that will become music.

A process of an artistic and artificial act
When the ear of the composer-listener hears the sound, it choses it, and the composer-recorder takes it – as an eye of the camera – into the membrane of the microphone. It freezes it in the chosen medium, and the sound, taken from the natural, urban or acoustic environment, becomes an object of sound. The composer-researcher deals concretly with it in an electroacoustic laboratory: under microscopic electronic devices he discovers its microstructure. He multiplies or reduces it, shades and illuminates, he changes its pitches, frequencies and amplitudes, and shortens and prolongs its parametres. The composer-creator improvises, combines, molds the sound material with which he structures the architecture of an electroacoustic work. Out of a raw sound canvass a fine fabric is woven which will put on a new artistic image.

Bor Turel