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Fanny Tran

OccupationComposer, Performer, Musicologist, Teacher
CategoriesClassical, Contemporary, Electronic

TRAN, Fanny
Composer, pianist and pedagogue born in Uccle (Brussels, Belgium) on June 25, 1949.
Her education was very large, and international. Rather young student at Brussels Royal Conservatoire of Music, she obtained successively there seven diplomas, and attended at the same time the Brussels University (ULB) where she graduated with a Master’s degree in musicology in 1972. She followed courses of piano and composition at the Fr. Chopin Academy in Warsaw and initiated herself in electro-acoustic music with Hugh Davies at the Goldsmith’s College of London, England. Later on, in the USA, she attended the Buffalo State University of New York, where she got her Master’s degree of music in composition with Morton Feldman. Moreover she attended the famous summer classes in Darmstadt, Germany, for the composition and the interpretation of contemporary music. This long education was terminated at Liege Conservatoire (back in Belgium), where she added to her list of diplomas the first price of counterpoint and composition (class of Frederic Rzewski).
As a pianist, as a soloist, chamber music player or accompanist, she has a large repertoire, where Bach and Chopin take place together with Webern, Cage, Crumb and herself. Teaching also occupies much of her activities: professor of theory of music, piano and harmony in various places, she also gave courses of musical education at undergraduate or graduate levels.
Her compositions are played in many countries, and certain titles were published in France and in the United States.
Together with some classical notations or popular styles, she shows a contemporary language of our time by the use of techniques as random and electronics, the use of graphic scores (where the traditional notation is replaced by signs of all kinds, often leaving some freedom to the interpreter) and the use of musical theatre (scenic play suggested to the instrumentalists) and films as well.


1998: Final certificate for piano accompaniment ( Brussels Royal Conservatoire of Music)
1997: Final certificate for psycho-pedagogy of the piano with P. Montero ( Brussels Royal Conservatoire of Music).
1990: First price for composition at the Liege Royal Conservatoire of Music ( Frederic Rzewski).
1989: First price for counterpoint at the Liege Royal Conservatoire of Music (B.Verschueren-Trekels).
1985: Master' S degree of music (composition) at the New York State University at Buffalo ,USA (Morton Feldman).
1976: First price for Chamber music at the Brussels Royal Conservatoire of Music (J. Vanden Doorn).
1975: First price for piano at the Brussels Royal Conservatoire of Music (R. Leuridan).
1972: Licence in History of Art (musicology) at the Brussels University – ULB (R. Wangermée).
1970: First price for History of music (J. Stehman) and for Harmony (J. Leduc) at the Brussels Royal Conservatoire of Music
1967: First price of Musical theory at the Brussels Royal Conservatoire of Music (Mss . Renard).
Undergraduate Latin-Sciences diploma at the Royal Athenaeum of Koekelberg.

Grants / Scholarships

1997-98-99: Various grants for attending the summer courses of the "Centre Acanthes” (Paris) in Aix-en-Provence for composition and contemporary piano with M. Kagel, K. Stockhausen, L. Berio, Y. Xenakis.
1997: Scholarship for encouraging composition from the Ministry of the French Community in Belgium, General Direction of Culture, for her composition "8 Melodies and Postludes on poems by Noëlle Lans".
1984-86: Woodburn Scholarship of the New York State University at Buffalo, USA
1984-86: Scholarship for attending the International summer classes for composition and interpretation of contemporary music in Darmstadt (Germany) .
1983: (three months) British Council Scholarship to study electro-acoustic music at the Goldsmith' S College of London with Hugh Davies.
1980-83: Exchange Scholarship with Poland from the Ministry of the French Community in Belgium ,to study composition (Dr. Marian Borkowski) and piano (Pr. A. Dutkiewicz and R. Smendzianka) at the Warsaw Fr. Chopin Academy of

Fanny Tran