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Alojz Ajdič


Alojz AJDIČ (1939, Fojnica pri Sarajevu)

Ajdič's place among Slovene creative artists is characterized by his explicit gift for lively tone colours, by a carefully designed compositional rhythm and an effective rendering of the duality resulting from combining modal and free melodies.


- Academy of Music: degree in clarinet (1968, class of Prof. Mihael Gunzek); studies of composition (class of Prof. Uroš Krek).


- teaching clarinet at the Music School Šiška-Bežigrad, Ljubljana (1963-1964),

- teaching music education at the Primary School Simon Jenko, Kranj (1964-1973),

- director of the Music School Kranj (1973-1983),

- sales manager for the music editions of the DZS (The State Publishing House of Slovenia) , Ljubljana (1983-1989),

- director of the Music School of Carinthia, Klagenfurt (1978-1986),

- owner and general manager of Glasbeni atelje d.o.o. (Music Atelier Ltd.), Kranj (1989-2002).


-third prize of the Jury of experts, (for the song »Oprosti mi«-Forgive me), 1966,

-Prešeren Prize for the region of Gorenjska (for the cantata »Taborišče Ravensbrück« - The Ravensbrück Concentration Camp), 1983,

-Award of the Slovene National Uprising (for the cantata »Taborišče Ravensbrück« - The Ravensbrück Concentration Camp), 1983,

-The Forth of July Prize Beograd (for the cantata »Taborišče Ravensbrück« -The Ravensbrück Concentration Camp), 1984,

- Award and Recognition to mark a decade devoted to working in music education and to developing music activities as director of the Music School of Carinthia, Klagenfurt, 1988,

- The Župančič Prize (for Second Symphony with the title »Okno duše« - The Soul Window), Ljubljana, 1994,

- Award of the Prešeren Foundation (for Third Symphony named Symphony for Percussion and Symphony Orchestra), Ljubljana, 1997,

- Award and Recognition of the DZS for his contribution to the development of the publishing house during 20 years,

- Award for exceptional achievements in the field of culture of the Slovene Educational Society »Edinost« in Pliberk, 1998.


His creativeness reveals deep insights.


Fantasy for symphony orchestra (1971), “Vizija barv” - Vision of Colours for symphony orchestra (1972), Adagio lamentoso for flute and clarinet solo and symphony orchestra (1975),Concertante Music for French horn and symphony orchestra (1978), Fatamorgana for symphony orchestra (1984), Adagio (“Zgodba predmestja” – The Suburb Story) for clarinet and string orchestra (1985), First Symphony for symphony orchestra (1986), Serenade for oboe and symphony orchestra (1988), Concerto for piano and symphony orchestra (1988), “Beg” – The Flight for wind orchestra (1988), Second Symphony “Okno duše” - The Soul Window for symphony orchestra (1992), Concerto for violin and symphony orchestra (1995), Third Symphony for percussion and symphony orchestra (1996), “Pričakovanja” - Expectations for symphony orchestra (1999), Pričakovanja” - Expectations for wind orchestra – arrangement (2002), Concertino for marimba solo, rhythmical accompaniment and string orchestra (2003).


“Taborišče Ravensbrück” - The Ravensbrück Concentration Camp, cantata for two mixed choirs, narrator and symphony orchestra (1980).


“Popotnik” -The Wanderer for mixed choir (1970), “Bijo nas” - They beat us for mixed choir (1978), “Noč” - The Night for mixed choir (1982), Orinoko for mixed choir (1983), “Vem, da pride dan” - I know the day will come for mixed choir (1984), “Poletne sanje” - Summer Dreams for children’s choir and piano (1996), “Večerna pravljica” - An Evening Fairy Tale for children’s choir and piano (1997).


“Brata” - The Two Brothers, opera on a libretto by Marko Selan (2002).


Wind quartet (1971), Wind Quintet (1974), Wind Trio (1979).


“Oprosti mi” - Forgive me (1966), “Ne"

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