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Carlos Suárez


Carlos Suárez Sánchez. Spain - Venezuela. In 1986 he began to work as a composer, creating more than 40 acoustic and electroacoustic works. His research trips around Venezuela began in 1989. Mainly visiting areas of indigenous cultures and Afro-Venezuelans, he compiled studies and recordings of the acoustic biology he found (soundscapes). He has transcribed more than 36.000 bars of traditional music from all over the world. He worked as a researcher for “The Folklore and Ethnomusicology Foundation” and “The International Folklore and Ethnomusicology Foundation” for 10 years. In 2006 he won the National Award for Culture for his book, “The Chimbángueles of San Benito”. He has realized more than 60 concerts in Brasil, Colombia, Perú, Chile (Ai-Maako,, Venezuela (FLM, TTC), Argentina (Tsonami, CCE), Uruguay (CCE), Portugal (Binauralmedia, Miso Music, FuturePlace), Italia (Emufest), Francia (Festival Bourges, Elektrophonie), Alemania (Cervantes Center) México (WFAE, CCE) USA (Experimedia, Flamingo Festival) y España (Transforma, MARCO, In-Sonora, MACUF, Arteleku, SONAR, Telenoika, JIEM, Experimentaclub, Zeppelín). He has participated in many forums and congresses, presenting the fruits of his research: “Differences Between the Recorded, Perceived and Engraved Landscape”; “Analysis and Description of Soundscape”; “Soundscape and Composition”.

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