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Franklin Stover

OccupationArranger, Composer, Performer
CategoriesClassical, Neoclassical

A partial list of works:
* “Hymn of Memnon” (1990) symphonic allegory. 9’
* “Ketchup” (1985) comic opera (text: Russell Edson) 90’
* “Trio Bucolic” (1976) for oboe, clarinet, & bassoon 10’
* “Metal I” for solo percussionist 8’
* “Six Amusements” (1995) for brass quintet 8’
* “Tarogato Concertant” for 2 tarogatos, chamber ensemble 10’
* “Concertino la dolce collina” for alto saxophone & 11 instruments. 10’
* “Capriccio Borgogna” (2002)for bassoon (or bassett horn) & string/wind octet. 4’
* “The Cat & the Canary” — silent film by Paul Leni (1927), new score for DVD
* “Concerto for Clarinet & String Orchestra” (2007)
* “Double Concerto” for bassoon, contrabassoon and orchestra (2010) (Also, version for Sarrusophone and bass clarinet)
* “Duo-Impromptus” (2009) two clarinets
* “Duo-Impromptus” (1998) for trumpet, French horn
* “Octet-Serenata” (2010) for w.w. quintet, trumpet, ‘cello, bass
* “When the Clouds Roll By,” new score for DVD released by Flicker Alley
* “His First Flame” (1926) new score for DVD
* “The Birth of God,” (2007) opera. Text: Heidenstamm
Franklin Stover begun study of the clarinet at 11 years old, studying with Frealon Bibbins of the San Francisco Symphony and Sacramento Symphony. Began composing in earnest at 12 years old. Composed “Prelude to a Symphony” at 19, performed by members of the Sacramento Symphony in 1972. Composition now lost.
He was influenced early on by contemporary east European composers, notably Miroslav Hlavac and Klement Slavicky. Several orchestral works recorded by the Slovak Radio Orchestra. Commissioned to compose silent film scores for DVD release, notably “Cat & the Canary” featuring the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra.
Stover recieved research a grant from Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation in 1999. He became interested in the Hungarian tarogato in the late 1980’s, attended a tarogato conference in Hungary and composed his “Tarogato Concertant” for two tarogatos and orchestra. Several very early works of his are published by Subito Music Corp., New Jersey, U.S. Currently at work on a biography on American composer Ernst Bacon and is editor of a weekly newspaper in northern California.

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