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Therese Birkelund Ulvo


Therese Birkelund Ulvo is one of two composers in the MIC program INTRO Composer 2010 - 2012 Education: Music cognition, University of Oslo 2008 Bachelor in composition, Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo 2002- 2008 Guildhall School of music and drama, London 2005 Teachers in composition: Peter Tornquist, Lasse Thorsen og Diana Burrell Masterclasses with a.m. Salvatore Sciarrino, Luca Francesconi, Alexander Goehr, Helmut Lachenmann, Walter Zimmerman, Louis Andriessen Selected works: 2010 - 'cause nobody's like that - solo piano, 12 min. Commissioned by Ellen Ugelvik, supported by Arts Council Norway. 2010 - Apéritif - sopran, alt, piano, 10 min. Commissioned by Ensemble Fanfaronner, supported by Arts Council Norway. 2009 - Dette har du sett før, sopran, klarinett, fiolin, perc, opplesning, 12 min. Commissioned by Litteraturfestivalen, Lillehammer, supported by Arts Council Norway. 2009 - Simpel/Ny/Norsk/Musikk/Maskin (stryk det som ikkje høver). Cooperation with the composer Jørgen Karlstrøm. Showed at the Bergen Sound Gallery in January 2009, and at Podium in Oslo February 2009. 2009 - Kjærlighetes valg, Film music, documentary on Islam and homosexuality, 37 min. Commissioned by the film manager Eirik Andreas Sandaker, supported by Skeiv Verden. 2008 - Aurora - clarinet, fiolinv, cello, piano, 11 min. Commissioned by Ida Kristine Hansen, supported by Arts Council Norway. 2008 - Grapple - piano, double bass, percussion, 15 min. Composed for Eple Trio. 2008 - Silent Song - soprano and electronics, 8 min. Composed for Silje Aker Johnsen. 2007 - Fragile - solo hardanger fiddle, 11 min. Composed for Britt Pernille Frøholm. Board Member of the COmposers Group of ISCM Norway 2007-2009 Producer: Folk music CDs: For Allje Dei (2008) and Eins (2009) released by Ta:lik In progress: Portrait CD with the Danish composer Simon Steen Andersen with the ensemble Asamisimasa

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