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Riccardo Sinigaglia


Born in Arona in 1953, Riccardo Sinigaglia is an architect as well as musician. He teaches electronic music at Milan Conservatory where he studied during the Seventies with Angelo Paccagnini.
He collaborates with the video center of the Faculty of Architecture, Milan University, where he lectures on the relationship between music and image.
His musical production also include music for documentaries, ballets and theatre spectacles.
His work is based on modes, mean tone, pitagorean scales and complex polyrhythmics: he is deeply involved in ethnomusicology, the elements of which are revisited and employed in his musical language.
In the 80's, togheter whith Walter Maioli and Gabin Dabiré, he founds the group Futuro Antico, a cross beetwin electronic and etno shamanic music.
In 1985 he founded, together with Mario Canali, the audio-visual art group Correnti Magnetiche beginning to work with digital system.
Correnti Magnetiche uses computerized systems in order to create audio-visual compositions, and produces videotapes, installations and live-electronics concerts. In concert play whith Maurizio Dehò (violin), Gabin Dabiré (balafon and percussions), Tommaso Leddi (violin, horn) and the soprano Rossana Maggia when Mario Canali paint on a graphic tablet with a big screen fellowing the music.
Correnti Magnetiche works have won many prizes at international demonstrations of computer art in Austria, Japan, U.S.A., Italy, Hungary and Switzerland, and they have been broadcast on TV and radio world-wide (see curriculum).
From 86 he work with Doubling Riders a musical group with Francesco Paladino and Pierluigi Andreoni .
They play in festivals like Time Zone in Bari.
He work als in wolrld music project with the libic singer Ahmed Fakrun.
He work also with Pietro Pirelli and his Ensamble de la Roue, with Corrado Colliard (Tbn.), Mauro Gino (perc.) and Maurizio Barbetti (Vla.).

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