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Kristian Sensini

CategoriesSoundtrack/Film Music

EDUCATION He takes private piano lessons with M° Matassini, M° Paolo Mikolajczyk and M° Enrico Reggioli; at the age of twelve he starts making his first experiments in Electronic Music and Computer Music, which will lead him to form several ensembles of modern music (i.e. DrinkwaterBand) with such points of reference as Stockhausen, Cage and Zappa. He studies flute with M°s Andreani (Ancient Music), Jousdottic and Adami (Classical Music). After getting the Liceo Classico school-leaving certificate, he attends the DAMS (Department of Music and Performing Arts) in Bologna, directing his studies towards Musical Education and Anthropology. [The following are the Musicological exams taken at the DAMS: History of Music; Methodology of Musical Education; Semiotics of Music; History of Medieval Music; History of Contemporary Music; Philosophy of Music; Psychology of Music; History of Musical Instruments; Ethnomusicology; Afro-American Musical Culture]. There, he also attends a Direction course and classes of History of Scenography in performing arts 1998 - Laboratory of Musical Informatics and New Technologies at the Electronic Music Studios of the Conservatory of Bologna (maestro Camilleri) and at the Fonoprint recording studios. - Advanced seminar on problems and aspects of the twentieth-century music coordinated by Raffaele Pozzi. 1999 - Workshop of Improvisation with Michele Lo Muto, at CIMES, Bologna. 2000 - Seminar meeting with Goran Bregovic, "Balkan Melodies between Cinema and Music". - Workshop of Electro-Acoustic Composition with Tristain Murail and Salvatore Sciarrino. - Summer courses of the Berklee College of Music of Boston held in Perugia during Umbria Jazz: he studies Flute with Matt Marvuglio, Improvisation with Mark White, Composition with Orville Wright and Greg Hopkins, and takes part in the extraordinary seminars of Winton Marsalis, James Moody and Gary Burton. 2001 - He wins a scholarship of $5000 awarded by the Boston’s Berklee College of Music to the most praiseworthy musicians at the clinics held in Perugia (Umbria Jazz 2001), when he studies with Matt Marvuglio, Dave Clark, Jim Oldridge, Mark White and Jeff Stout. Among his personal researches there are studies in the so-called "descriptive" music of composers such as Carl Stalling and Scott Bradley, studies in Medieval Music and Film Music. 2007 - He takes his Jazz degree with full marks at Pesaro 's Conservatory, with a dissertation about how the flute came to Jazz Music; there, he studies Arrangement and Composition with Bruno Tommaso and Gian Marco Gualandi, Jazz Flute and Improvisation with Giulio Visibelli, History of Jazz Music with Stefano Zenni , Electronic Music with Eugenio Giordani, Piano with Enzo Veddovi.

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